Department of Quality Control is independent from other production compartments. It ensures the fulfilment of customer requirements, supervision on production process and maintenance of quality management policy of our company. The meeting of customers’ requirements is checked on every stage of production, from the inspection of pattern and raw castings to machined part.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - is based on principles of ISO 9001 and supported by quality manual.

DOCUMENTATION - all control operations are registered and can be presented on customer request.

TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT - 3D Measuring Machine
- 3D Scanner
- Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
- Surface Roughness Tester
- Height Gage
- Electronic Levels
- Endoscope
- Surface Comparators
- Hardness Tester
- Painting Thickness Tester
- other testers and test equipment

LABS AND TEST ROOMS...we offer a complex solution

Our labs and test rooms provide quality control of castings’ manufacturing process and offer free capacity to carry out various tests for external customers.

The test spectrum is focused especially on analysis of metallic materials, mechanical tests, determination of structure, specification of inner and surface quality etc.

Furthermore we offer consultancy concerning materials such as proposals of material to be used, foreign equivalents, thermal treatment and evaluation of damaged tools or parts. Thanks to a wide range of tests and services we offer a comprehensive service in this regard.

Quality System

The quality system of the labs and test rooms conforms to standards of ČSN EN ISO / IEC 17 025. The measuring equipment are related to national standards, periodically checked and calibrated. The personell is certified according to ČSN EN 473 for the non-destructive tests and according to KCS system for special tests.

The test methods are periodically verified both internally and externally.

Since 1995 our labs participate in the International Tests of Accordance held under the auspices of Czech Institution for Accreditation. Based on the results our labs and test rooms obtained certificates with international validity.

The labs take part also in certificate projects concerning the reference materials in OES.

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